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The Kingsport Chiropractor For Your Health

Chiropractic can help you just as it did Dr. Joseph Amato!

Dr. Joseph Amato discovered first-hand what chiropractic can do for your overall health. Chiropractic can treat much more than just your traditional neck and back problems as everyone assumes. Dr. Amato was so impressed by the results after receiving chiropractic care, he decided to become a chiropractor himself!

Dr. Amato wants to help keep Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol families healthy with the use of chiropractic adjusting techniques. He will remove any nerve interference in order to allow the body to heal. Chiropractic is safe and natural!

Call the Kingsport Chiropractor who cares!

Please don’t suffer needlessly. Consult the Kingsport-area chiropractor who knows what it takes to resist the convenience of drugs and surgery in favor of natural methods. Call Colonial Heights Chiropractic today!

Dr. Joseph Amato | Kingsport Chiropractor